FACTS – Nutrient Management Planning


This nutrient management planning course is designed to offer FQAs a training programme which will enable them to have the right type of competency in nutrient management planning and associated practices.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed to prepare FACTS Qualified Advisers (FQAs) to manage the challenges of the Water Framework Directive (its associated initiatives and regulations), greenhouse gas mitigation strategies and soil protection, while also improving farm profitability, industry leaders have urged the FACTS Committee to introduce this topic of training in Nutrient Management Planning as core CPD training.

Nutrient Management Training is compulsory for all current FACTS Qualified Advisers and those gaining the qualification prior to 31st December 2009. Only those who have attended the Train the Trainer Events and taken the Nutrient Management Exam are able to offer the training. The modules and points will NOT be awarded to anyone who submits points with a trainer who has not gained the NMP Qualification.

Course content:

The course covers:-

  • Achieving crop nitrogen utilisation efficiency
  • Managing farm phosphorus
  • Techniques for in-field nutrient management
  • Efficient use of manures and other organic materials
  • Integration of nutrient management decisions with environmental regulations and policies, including nutrient planning and record keeping
  • Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme (FIAS) and farm security

Entry requirements

Candidates must have a FACTS qualification