Nominated Store Keepers*


The Nominated Storekeeper Course aims to equip those trainees to meet the standards of pesticides storage laid down in the Code of Practice for Suppliers of Pesticide and the Guidance for those affected by the Plant Protection Products (Sustainable Use) Regulations 2012.

Who is the course for?

For those storing pesticides for sale to an individual or a firm intending to re-sell or to apply the pesticide.

Course Content

  • Legislation
  • Handling procedures for receiving and dispatching pesticides
  • Segregation of a pesticides with a store exercise
  • Poisons procedures
  • Taking care of the store and its contents
  • Taking care of the storekeeper
  • Accidents/first aid/safe lifting
  • Fire prevention and security
  • Introduction to health and safety at work act
  • Course review

Trainee View

Myles McGeown of JF McKenna in Armagh completed the National Store Keepers (NSK) Course. “I learned a lot on the course from the basic tips of storing liquids below powders and what to do about spillages to issues on first aid for those contaminated with pesticide. The course also brought home to me the limited environmental impact sprays have if they are handled correctly.”