Nitrates and Nutrient Management Planning


This suite of three courses has been designed to give farmers an understanding of how the Nitrates and Phosphorus Regulations will affect their farm business and what they need to do to comply with the key measures.

Who is the course for?

Farmers and growers who wish to improve their knowledge of the Nitrates and Phosphorus regulations and nutrient management planning.


Free to farmers and growers.

To get the most out of the workshops it is recommended that you complete all three courses in the following order:

1. Nitrates Information

This course concentrates on the key measures that farmers need to comply with.

Course content

  • Record keeping
  • Nitrogen loading calculations
  • Slurry and manure storage requirements
  • Closed periods and application restrictions for manures and fertilisers
  • Chemical Nitrogen and Phosphorus limits
  • What happens during an inspection

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2. Nutrient Management Planning

This course recaps the Nitrates and Phosphorus Regulations key measures but concentrates on the N and P fertiliser limits as well as the principles and benefits of nutrient management planning.

Course content

  • What is nutrient management planning
  • How to take a soil sample
  • How to read and understand your soil analysis
  • What nutrients do crops need to grow – crop requirement and how to achieve optimum soil fertility
  • The nutrient and monetary value of slurry/manures
  • Applying the right type and rate of fertiliser – could you save money?
  • Records required if supplying chemical P fertiliser and or a P-rich manure.
  • Demonstration of the Crop Nutrient Calculator

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3. Computerised Nutrient Management Planning

This course uses the DARD online Crop Nutrient Calculator to do a nutrient management plan for the crops grown on your farm. With your soil analysis you can use the calculator to work out:

  • How much N, P and K your crop needs to grow (crop requirement)
  • How much N, P, and K is supplied from slurry/manure.
  • How to minimise the need for chemical fertiliser by using the right type and rate of fertiliser.

A report can then be generated, which can be used as a record to show compliance with the nutrient limit measures of the Nitrates and Phosphorus Regulations.

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