Level 3 Certificate in Agricultural Business Development


The Level 3 Agricultural Business Development qualification has been designed for learners interested in developing skills and knowledge gained in Business Development Groups (BDG) in the areas of animal/plant production, health and safety and farm business management. The qualification will provide an opportunity for farmers and growers to assess their current business performance and by using up-to-date technical skills and knowledge, plan to sustain and develop their business for the future.

Who is this course for?

This Level 3 qualification is only available to members of a CAFRE BDG. If an individual is a member of more than one BDG, they must select one enterprise to focus on when completing the assessments.

Course content

The qualification is an assessment-based course, based on the material discussed during BDG meetings. There are no addition taught classes and learners are expected to complete the unit assessments in their own time. This provides maximum flexibility allowing the assessments to be done at a time that suits each individual.


  • Farm Business Management This unit will enable learners to understand how to use business management tools to analyse their farm business, compare key performance indicators against other farm businesses and make improvements to farm performance.
  • Health and Safety This unit will enable learners to identify, evaluate and reduce the Health and Safety risks associated with managing a farm business.
  • Technical Efficiency For livestock businesses, this unit will enable the learner to understand the principles of livestock production, appropriate feeding practices and how to evaluate enterprise performance. For crop and horticultural businesses this unit will enable the learner to understand the principles of crop and horticultural production systems and how they can be used to improve business performance.

Qualification progression

On achievement of the three units for the Level 3 Certificate, progression to an Extended Certificate and Diploma will be possible. This will involve completing further units such as Animal Health and Welfare, Plant Health, Farmyard Planning, Land Management, Energy Efficiency.


The cost of the qualification is £66.

Additional course information

This course is now closed and will reopen for enrolments in Spring 2019.