Food Labelling Seminar


Food labels are a vital part of every food product; allowing consumers to make appropriate dietary choices. The food processing sector must ensure that all products are labelled accurately and in line with legislation. This seminar is relevant to all staff who have a role in food labelling and will address all issues of labelling. The practical workshop will allow delegates to examine labels and identify their correctness.

Who is the seminar for? 

Staff within the food industry with a role in food labelling.

Seminar content

  • Mandatory Labelling – Hayley O’Neill, CAFRE
  • Nutritional  & product claims – Dr. Raymond Martin, CAFRE
  • Clean Labelling – an industrial perspective – Dr. Matthew McCusker, Kerry Europe & Russia.
  • Allergen Labelling – Marissa McCormick, Mid Ulster Council.
  • Enforcement and Compliance with Workshop – Identifying Compliant and Non-Compliant Labels – Marissa McCormick, Mid Ulster Council.


The cost of the seminar is £25 per person.