Animal Medicines Training and Regulatory Authority


AMTRA is an independent regulatory body whose task it is to ensure that the prescription and supply of VPS animal medicines in the UK is undertaken in a responsible manner by suitably qualified persons, known as an SQP.

An SQP is an animal medicines advisor, a legal category of professionally qualified persons who are entitled to prescribe and/or supply certain veterinary medicines under the Veterinary Medicines Regulations.

What’s necessary to become an SQP?

To qualify as an SQP a person must undertake relevant training and pass examinations approved by AMTRA, and pass a viva (oral exam) conducted by an AMTRA assessor.

  • Most SQPs become qualified via a modular approach (see below);
  • qualified Veterinary Nurses can become SQPs via a top-up exam that recognises their existing qualification;

For those student SQPs enrolling via the most common, modular approach, all must pass the Base module and between one and three additional species modules: these determine the category of SQP qualification obtained. The species modules are:

  • FAM – Farm Animal Module
  • EQM – Equine Module
  • CAM – Companion Animal Module
  • AVM – Avian Module