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Event recordings

Event recordings

Planning for Performance: Parasite and winter-feeding strategies for beef and sheep farmers

CAFRE, AgriSearch and AFBI along with the NI Sheep SOS (Stamp out Scab) initiative hosted two ‘Planning for Performance’ events. The events focused on parasite and winter-feeding strategies for beef and sheep farmers. Anthelmintic Resistance (AR) is becoming widespread throughout the ruminant industries and targeted selective treatment offers the potential to reduce the use of anthelmintics on farm, and in turn reduce the instance of AR. Whilst TST has been found to be successful during research trials, uptake on commercial farms remains limited. The recordings can be viewed below:

Winter-feeding strategies for beef & sheep farmers – Gareth Beacom, CAFRE
Implications of changing the nutrition of cattle on lifetime performance – Dr Francis Lively AFBI

Targeted Selective Treatment for roundworms in sheep and cattle – Prof. Eric Morgan, Queen’s
Northern Ireland Sheep Scab Programme Presentation – Paul Crawford

Managing Rising Costs on Northern Ireland Farms

Using fertilisers effectively in the light of recent increases in the cost of fertiliser was the topic of a recent joint webinar from AFBI, Agrisearch and CAFRE. A number of speakers addressed issues affecting the cost effective use of fertilisers – a summary of the article is found here. The recordings can be viewed below.