Life after CAFRE

You have finished your full-time or part-time course at CAFRE, what’s next? Maybe you have the job you have been looking for or you are undertaking further studies or you are waiting for an opportunity to open up for you. Whatever your situation we can offer you support. At CAFRE we believe in life-long learning and encourage you to seek opportunities to develop yourself throughout your career.


A selection of CAFRE graduates all based at Dunbia, Cullybackey, working in a variety of job roles.

In this section of the website you will find opportunities to stay in touch with your former classmates through our Alumni services. There is also a section devoted to Industry Training where you will be able to take further short courses to meet you specific training needs.

If you are looking for employment, there may be that dream job you are looking for in our Jobs section.

You may have enjoyed and benefited from your initial studies at CAFRE and now want to follow up with another further full-time or part-time course. If that is the case, please visit our courses pages to find the discipline area or course suited to you.

Whatever your circumstances, keep in touch with us.