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Michigan State University (MSU) Exchange Programme at CAFRE

CAFRE has been running a student exchange programme with Michigan State University (MSU) since 1996. To date over 60 CAFRE students have spent a semester studying at Michigan and 60 Michigan students have studied at CAFRE. Students can apply to either the Full Semester Programme or the Short Programme.

Full Semester Programme

Students on the Full Semester Programme study full-time at CAFRE for 15 weeks either in the autumn or spring semesters. This can be in agriculture, horticulture , food or equine.  You will enrol on modules that will contribute to your Degree at MSU. You will be fully integrated with CAFRE students, in both academic and social activities.

Short Programme

Students on the Short Programme will spend up to 6 weeks at CAFRE’s Greenmount Campus starting from mid-May. This practical programme involves students working alongside CAFRE staff in the various agriculture and horticulture centres. Students will also learn about sustainable farming and environmental protection from CAFRE Advisers and Technologists. As this programme runs at the end of the spring semester, there will be limited opportunity to meet other students.

How to apply

Anyone interested in coming to CAFRE should liaise directly with the Study Abroad office at MSU.

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