Pesticide Training

All professional users of pesticides must have a sprayer licence. CAFRE offers a range of pesticide/spraying courses allowing participants to learn:

  • In detail how the sprayer works;
  • How to reduce drift and how to reduce your chemical bill through increased efficiency;
  • How to reduce wastage and run off by incorrect filling;
  • How to properly protect yourself from the dangers of working with chemicals;
  • What to do if something goes wrong and who to phone if it does;

Every type of machine needs a different licence and all students are required to initially take and pass a PA1 theory module before they can complete do the practical unit.

Once the PA1 theory unit has successfully been completed students can add the following practical units as required:

  • PA2A – Tractor boom sprayer
  • PA2F – Weed-wiper
  • PA3A – Orchard sprayer
  • PA4S – Slug pellet applicator
  • PA6A – Knapsack sprayer
  • PA6AW – Knapsack sprayer in or near water

On average the training will take a full day and participants will return for the assessment a few days later which can take a few hours to complete.

Course Dates

Pesticide training courses are delivered throughout the year. New courses are normally published on the last Wednesday of each month. Please check the online course booking system regularly as places may become available throughout the month.

To book a place on a course, please select a course from the menu list on this page. If no courses are available, you can register your interest in attending a course by following the link on the course page or by clicking here.

CAFRE will notify you when a place becomes available on your preferred course and will invite you to enroll using the online booking system. Your details will no longer be retained once you have been invited to enroll on a course.


*These courses offer training to the agriculture sector in compliance with European rules on State Aid.