Support for the Meat Industry

The Meat and Fish Industry is vital to Northern Ireland’s economy, employing over 12,300 full-time equivalents and achieving a gross turnover of around £2.5 billion in 2013. With added value products contributing to only 15% of the gross turnover for the sector there is much potential to increase both new product and process development.

Loughry Campus has a wealth of industrial experience and well equipped pilot facilities to investigate a wide range of meat processing systems. Support can be provided through the provision of meat technology solutions tailored to suit the requirements of the individual business and through the delivery of meat technology training programmes. Technology support activities engage us with businesses of all sizes from small artisanal meat producers and start-up businesses, through to multi-site operations across all meat sectors including beef, sheep meat, poultry meat, pork, fish, animal by-products, and value added meat and fish products.

Examples of work undertaken:

  • Product innovation
  • Process development
  • Developing and embedding quality management systems
  • Complying with legislative standards
  • Factory/premises design
  • Sensory and laboratory analysis
  • Customised training

If you have a particular meat technology issue you would like to explore with one of our Technologists then we’d like to hear from you.

Des Brady
028 8676 8312

Ruth Hyndman
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Alan Johnston
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Peggy McVey
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Hayley O’Neill
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