Support for the Cereal, Fruit, Vegetable and Beverage Industries

This sector consists of approximately 350 companies covering a broad spectrum from micro-businesses to large companies. In 2014, over 7,000 full-time equivalent staff were employed in this sector, generating a gross turnover in excess of £950 million.

The team of Food Technologists, based at the Loughry Campus provide, in a commercial in confidence basis information and advice across the range of technical areas to companies of all sizes. We use our bespoke processing equipment to facilitate the pilot scale commercial production of both new products and the enhancement of existing products. We have the underpinning legislative knowledge relating to these commodities which allows us to deliver efficient product development, process design and packaging and labeling functions.

The team also has experience of farm and company diversification and offers technical evaluation of new products; regularly assisting companies in the product innovation and the enhancement of product portfolios.

Examples of work undertaken:

  • Shelf life extension through packaging, ingredient or process modifications
  • The addition of fortification to enhance nutritional benefits
  • Review and evaluation of quality systems
  • Factory design and layout
  • Evaluation of product and process controls
  • Mentoring of food safety management systems
  • Review of product to establish a ‘clean’ label
  • Food vulnerability and traceability assessment

If you require advice or assistance, please contact one of our Food Technologists:

Audrey Kelly
028 8676 8154

Valerie Finlay
028 8676 8214

Deborah Whinnery
028 8676 8197

Victoria Shiels
028 8676 8210