Responsible Use of Antibiotics in the Pig Herd


Anti-microbial resistance is an increasingly serious threat worldwide where disease causing organisms can develop resistance to antimicrobial drugs, for example, antibiotics. Over time this can lead to the drugs becoming ineffective in treating infections and diseases. A number of workshops focusing on ‘’Responsible Use of Antibiotics in the Pig Herd’ have been organised by CAFRE in partnership with Parkland Veterinary Group to be delivered throughout Northern Ireland over the coming months by qualified veterinary surgeons.

Who are the workshops for?

The workshops are free to farmers, members of the farm family and employees. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters within farm families would all benefit from attending a workshop.

Workshop content

Topics covered in the workshops include:

  • How antibiotics work
  • How antimicrobial resistance develops
  • Types and uses of antibiotics
  • Best practice in using antibiotics
  • Avoiding antibiotic residues
  • Animal health planning


No courses are available at present.