Packaging Centre

The Packaging Centre at Loughry is one of the most recent developments at the campus. This ISTA certified laboratory provides a state-of-the-art resource for evaluating packaging materials and distribution packaging systems. As well as, offering assurance to businesses using the services offered by the Food Packaging Centre, the quality system is used to demonstrate best practice principles to students.

The Packaging Centre is equipped with advanced, high-tech testing equipment, which allows the evaluation of a wide range of properties important to technologists in the food and packaging industries. Strength evaluation, permeability measurement and distribution evaluations are a few examples of the types of tests, which can be conducted at the campus. As food companies strive to meet consumer expectations by the use of innovative packaging, Loughry is in a prime position to ensure that tomorrow’s graduates have a thorough understanding of the properties of packaging. This allows them to make informed packaging choices in their future careers.