College farms

Greenmount Campus is made up of the Dairy Centre (190 ha) including cropping area, the Beef and Sheep Centre (120 ha) and the Hill Farm Centre (1,040ha).

The three centres provide a unique resource for students to adopt a learning by doing approach to their studies within the campus courses. Furthermore, the centres are used extensively by technologists and advisers to demonstrate and promote the adoption of the latest technological advances within the livestock and arable crop sectors.

Dairy Centre

The Dairy Development Centre is part of a 190 hectare mixed lowland farm with 200 dairy cows and replacements. A new state of the art Dairy Centre at Greenmount was opened in June 2013. This simulated model shows the main features of the new unit.

The Dairy Centre grows approximately 50 hectares of crops each year, mainly cereals and potatoes. The arable area on the farm is used by students to practise many of the arable skills required by industry. Those with a keen interest can become actively involved through the various student learning projects.

Hill Farm Centre

The Hill Farm Centre is located at Glenwherry, midway between Ballymena and Larne. It is a 1,040 ha hill farm comprising 100 suckler cows and 1,100 ewes.

The UPLANDS (Uniting the Production of Livestock and Nature Development for Sustainability) student learning project which allows Foundation Degree and Honours Degree students to have responsibility for the livestock on the hill farm which is managed in an environmentally sensitive manner. Students have the opportunity to analyse recent farm physical and financial performance, influencing future management and policy decisions.

Beef and Sheep Centre

The Beef and Sheep Centre, located at the Abbey Farm comprises a 120 hectare lowland unit with 80 suckler cows and 200 finishing cattle.

The RED MEAT learning project is based at the Beef and Sheep Centre. This student learning project allows Foundation Degree and Honours Degree students to gain practical and management experience in the beef and sheep enterprises.