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Remedial Shoeing webinar

20 Jan 2022

Online - Webex

Thursday 20th January, 7pm

CAFRE are hosting a Remedial Shoeing webinar with Martin Payne AWCF on Thursday 20th January at 7pm. Following on from the equine hoof balance webinar, Martin will discuss the role of remedial shoeing in supporting alignment issues, the impact on soundness and performance.

In this webinar Martin Payne AWCF, will discuss the importance of correcting hoof/limb issues to aid correct flight and landing of the hoof. The risks of not supporting incorrect alignment for performance and soundness.

Martin has a wealth of knowledge and experience of farriery and a strong focus on remedial work. He teaches on the CAFRE Upskilling Farrier Programme which aims to raise the skills of the farriers entering the industry. Martin’s career has involved shoeing competition horses for regional, national, and international levels.

Martin deals with many referral cases from Veterinarians and Equine Physiotherapists to help deal with a wide range of lameness and corrective conditions. He works closely with other farriers throughout Ireland and UK to assist with a better understanding of farriery principles with up to date gait analysis systems to help improve horse welfare, soundness, performance and to aid in competitive longevity through farriery.

The webinar is suitable for Farriers, Horse Owners, Vets, Students, Instructors and Coaches

The webinar is free, but participants must pre-register.