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Lean Management for Horticulture Businesses

20 Oct 2021

Online - Webex

Wednesday 20th October, 7.00pm

Neil Fedden of Fedden USP will deliver a webinar on LEAN Management for Horticulture Businesses on Wednesday 20th October at 7.00pm. Recently Fedden USP has worked closely with AHDB initially helping to develop the SmartHort programme which has delivered over £400K p.a. of productivity savings in its first year. The emphasis of this event was not only going through the theory of Lean and productivity improvement but also how to apply it within your own business.

The topics to be covered during this event will include:
  • The presentation will cover the origins of Lean from the automotive industry through to a general business improvement that can be applied to individuals as well as blue-chip organisations.
  • The basic principles of Lean and how to identify and reduce 8 categories of waste within your own business. The objectives are to improve productivity and get the most out of the skills that you already have within the business. Never has the need to improve labour productivity and staff retention been as great as it currently is.
  • Demonstrate some practical examples of how horticulture and agriculture companies have applied Lean to improve productivity.

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