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CAFRE Hill Farm Environmental Projects Farm Tour

Various Dates

CAFRE Hill Farm, Glenhead Rd, Glenwherry

Multiple outcomes for upland land management are being sought at CAFRE Hill Farm. In addition to food production efficiency from our sheep & suckler units, projects are ongoing to increase biodiversity, provide improved water quality & water resource, reduce peatland carbon emissions, return moorland to peat accumulating condition, increase flood alleviation services, and maximise wildfire prevention.

This half day tour involves a farm tour across several projects including predator control, peatland rewetting, forest to bog restoration, conservation grazing management and moorland water quality and flow rate. The Glenwherry Hill Regeneration Partnership was initiated in 2009 and has dramatically increased populations of ground nesting birds (red grouse, snipe, curlew, lapwing, skylark & meadow pipit) and Irish Hare across the 960 hectare farm. The farm now acts as a nature recovery area and has achieved remarkable outcomes with no impact to date on sheep and suckler output.

Who is for?

Farmers, landowners and conservationists with an interest in multiple outcomes from hill farms and moorland in particular.


The next sessions will be held on Wednesday 10th August and Tuesday 16th August.

Dates will be released gradually for late summer 2022 and beyond.

Additional information

The training event will take place for a half day, beginning promptly at 2pm and finishing at or before 5pm. The event is free.

Places are limited due to the on farm transport requirements of the course.

The tour involves some walking on moorland at 1000ft elevation. Participants should wear boots, warm outdoor clothing & bring waterproofs.

The tour will take place at the CAFRE Hill Farm, Glenhead Road, Glenwherry, BT42 4RF.

Registration is essential
Booking Terms and Conditions

CAFRE Booking terms and conditions are available by clicking here.