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Beef and Sheep Fertiliser Planning webinar

31 Jan 2022

Online - Zoom

Monday 31st January, 8:00pm

AgriSearch has commissioned a report to assess the impact of price increases on the economics of fertiliser application for grass production. AFBI have been appointed to undertake the work utilising the many years of data gathered through the GrassCheck programme and other grassland research projects.

This webinar (held in partnership with AFBI & CAFRE) will present the results of this review. In addition, CAFRE advisers will discuss practical tips for making the most of your artificial fertiliser and organic manures.

This webinar will focus on the beef and sheep sector. A separate webinar for the dairy sector will be held on Wednesday 26th January at 8pm.

Presentations will include:

  • Welcome and Introduction – AgriSearch
  • Breakeven points for application of N fertiliser given different conditions – AFBI
  • Back to basics – efficient use of manures – CAFRE
  • Practical Scenarios – CAFRE
  • Longer term strategies for reducing N use – AFBI
  • Q&A Session

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