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The Principles of Meat Technology Online

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Course Duration

7 learning hours per unit

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The Principles of Meat Technology Online

This programme has been designed to meet the current and future training needs of staff within the meat processing sector. The course, usually delivered face to face at Loughry Campus, attracts employees from meat companies across Northern Ireland. Due to the popularity of this course every effort has been made to ensure that it continues. Accordingly ‘The Principles of Meat Technology’ Training Programme has been adapted for online delivery.


Who should attend: Suitable for individuals entering the meat industry from other processing sectors, as well as existing employees who are becoming more exposed to technology demands.  Particularly suitable for those from production, new product development, technical and quality assurance functions.

Achievement: CAFRE Certificate of Attendance (an online course)

Course Content

The programme consists of five units. Applicants have the option to complete the full programme or select individual units depending on their training needs.

Unit Title Additional information
Unit 1 – Factors Affecting Meat Eating Quality This unit allows the learner to explore the composition and function of meat muscle tissue and the mechanism by which it is transformed into meat, whilst at the same time recognizing some of the key control measures throughout the process necessary for ensuring optimum meat eating quality.
Unit 2 – Legislation & Labelling of Meat & Meat Products This unit will enable learners to become aware of the current legislative issues faced by the meat processing industry and gain a clearer understanding of the legislation and labelling issues which affect their products.
Unit 3 – Meat Microbiology & Shelf Life This unit enables learners to increase their awareness of why and how meat spoils, the associated microbiological risks, and the methods available to control and extend shelf-life.  Learners will also gain an insight into the steps and methods involved in shelf-life determination.
Unit 4 – Meat Curing, Smoking & Fermentation Technology This unit allows the learner to explore the roles of many of the functional ingredients commonly used in cured meats and to determine levels of ingredient incorporation to achieve the desired curing effects.  Learners will benefit from an overview of the main manufacturing operations employed in cured meat production.
Unit 5 – The Principles of Burger & Sausage Manufacture This unit allows the learner to explore the meat technology principles behind the production of comminuted meats. In addition candidates will benefit from an overview of the primary roles of a selected range of functional ingredients, the main manufacturing operation employed and key controls necessary to ensure product safety and quality.
What does the Online Programme look like?

To deliver the programme online, classroom based course materials have been moved to a platform called CAFRE Online. Leaners can complete the units at home or in the workplace. All that is needed is a computer with internet access.

When you register to complete a unit login instructions and a guide to the online materials will be provided. Unit outlines detail learning outcomes, content and recommended reading material. PowerPoint presentations have been revised with links to glossaries of technical terms and definitions.

The practical elements previously contained in some units have been replaced with comprehensive written explanations. At the end of each section multiple choice questions have been included to determine comprehension of the information. Tutor details have been included should learners need to email the tutor directly with any questions.

Those enrolling on the course will have the flexibility to learn at a pace suitable to their needs. Some learners may choose a staged approach while others can complete each unit in one block.

On completion of the course learners can download evidence for their continuous professional development in the form of a CAFRE Certificate of Attendance.

Booking Terms and Conditions

CAFRE Booking terms and conditions are available by clicking here.

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Rosemary Brennan

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Rosemary Brennan
Senior Technologist (Food)


£65 per unit