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OCN NI Level 3 Award The Principles of Meat Technology

Food > Level 3 Award in The Principles of Meat Technology

Course Duration

5 days for complete course

Course Location

Loughry Campus

Level 3 Award in The Principles of Meat Technology

The OCN NI (The Open College Network Northern Ireland) Level 3 Award in The Principles of Meat Technology was developed by Food Technologists at Loughry Campus, CAFRE in response to the Meat Industry’s demands for a recognised qualification in practical Meat Technology.

The course has been designed to meet demand within the meat industry for qualified people to fill key management roles including production management, technical management, quality assurance and product development. This qualification prepares individuals for employment within the meat industry while also allowing progression to higher level courses. The course will commence at 9:30am on Tuesday 16th January 2024 (numbers dependant).

Course content

This Level 3 qualification provides learners with the core knowledge and skills required by a modern food technologist for example; factors affecting meat eating quality, meat & meat product legislation and labelling, meat microbiology and shelf life, meat curing, smoking and fermentation technology, burger & sausage manufacture.

Who is this course for?

The qualification is appropriate for those entering the meat industry from other processing sectors who wish to increase their technical knowledge, as well as existing meat industry employees who are becoming more exposed to technology demands. The programme is particularly suitable for those in production, new product development, technical and quality assurance roles.

OCN NI Level 3 Award in the Principles of Meat Technology

In order to achieve this qualification, learners must successfully complete all five mandatory units listed in the table below. Learners will be required to attend Loughry Campus on all five OCN NI Level 3 Award in the Principles of Meat Technology delivery dates.

OCN NI Statement of Attainment
Learners unable to complete all five mandatory units to achieve an OCN NI Level 3 Award in the Principles of Meat Technology can enrol on specific units within the programme Learners completing individual units will receive an OCN NI Statement of Attainment on successful completion of the unit/s.

Unit title Additional information
Meat and Meat Product Legislation and Labelling The current legislative & labelling requirements facing the meat processing industry & its products. The legislative requirements for the nutritional and origin labelling of meat and meat products.
Factors Affecting Meat Eating Quality The composition and function of meat muscle tissue and the mechanism by which it is transformed into meat. The key control measures necessary for ensuring optimum meat-eating quality.
Burger and Sausage Manufacturing The key aspects of the legislative requirements for producing reformed meat products and minimum compositional requirements. The main manufacturing operation employed and key controls necessary to ensure product safety and quality.
Meat Microbiology and Shelf Life Why and how meat spoils and the associated microbiological risks. The methods available to control and extend shelf-life and the key stages involved in determination of shelf-life.
Meat Curing, Fermentation and Smoking Technology The role of functional ingredients commonly used in cured meats and levels of incorporation to achieve the desired curing effects. An overview of the main manufacturing operations employed in cured, smoked and fermented meat production.
Assessment method

Unit learnings will be based upon the candidates’ satisfactory completion of an assessment work-book, designed to capture their abilities against the stated learning outcomes.

Course Entry Requirements

Learners must be at least 18 years of age and sufficient English and maths to successfully undertake the qualification.

Booking Terms and Conditions

CAFRE Booking terms and conditions are available by clicking here.

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Loughry Campus aims to develop learners’ skills and competitiveness through education, training, business and technology programmes to meet the needs of the food industry.

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      Corinne Anderson

      Corinne Anderson
      New Product Development

      This course was a great refresher and gave me in depth understanding of the meat microbiology, quality and legislation. This course was comprehensive, intense, relevant and very informative. I thoroughly enjoyed all 5 units. I was particularity interested in the physiological processes which occur when muscle is converted to meat.

      Rosemary Brennan

      Key Contact

      Rosemary Brennan
      Senior Technologist (Food)


      £360 complete course / £100 per unit