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Coping with the Pressures of Farming

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Course Duration

3 hours

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Coping with the Pressures of Farming

It is widely acknowledged that farming can be a complex and stressful occupation with many influencing factors outside the farmer’s control. At present farmers continue to face a wide range of challenges including market uncertainty, increasing costs and increasing workloads. These challenges can impact of the health and wellbeing of farmers and also on their farm families.

Coping with the Pressures of Farming workshops will create awareness and provide practical guidance to farmers and farm families dealing with the pressures of farming. These workshops are now open to farmers, farm family members and farm employees.

Course Overview

This course is specifically tailored for the farming sector and covers a range of wellbeing issues. Workshops last for around 2-2½ hours and will be available at local venues across Northern Ireland.

Who are the workshops for?

Farmers and growers, members of the farm family and employees.

Workshop content

The workshops aim to create a general awareness of:

  • What causes stress and mental wellbeing issues within the farm family;
  • The signs in oneself or others who may be struggling with their mental wellbeing;
  • How to listen and be more confident to engage supportively with somebody experiencing difficulty;
  • The sources of help available to the farming community and how to signpost people towards these;

Trainees will also be provided with the booklet ‘Coping with the Pressures of Farming’ published by Rural Support and Health and Safety Executive NI. This is a valuable resource of information.


You can book as an individual using the online booking link (Apply for this Course) below or by contacting Rural Support.

**Please note that the online booking system allows only one person per e-mail address to enrol for a specific course. If more than one person from a household wishes to enrol, please contact Rural Support**.

Courses can also be set up to accommodate local rural community groups, farmer groups, organisations etc. If you would like a course for a group, please contact Rural Support

Dates and Registration
  • No dates at present but more will be added soon.
Booking Terms and Conditions

CAFRE Booking terms and conditions are available by clicking here.

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Rural Support
Course Facilitator

(028) 8676 0040
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