There is a three-hour written exam at the end of both the Scientific and Practical years. The Apiary Practical Assessment will be held in the candidate’s own apiary. There is no written exam and the candidate is examined orally and practically by two examiners. An important feature is the examination of three years hive records for each candidate.The Intermediate Apiary practical can also stand on its own as a step towards the Practical Bee-master Certificate for those not wishing to take all three hour written examinations. For those planning to progress to the Senior Certificate it is a step towards completing the Apiary Practical part of the Senior Certificate.The Intermediate Certificate will be awarded only when all three examinations have been passed.
The winter evening classroom sessions for the Scientific and Practical parts of the Intermediate Course are normally offered at several locations throughout Northern Ireland and details of locations, the course cost and application process for delivery of the Practical part will be available by contacting the team.