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Optimising nutrient use efficiency webinars

January 26, 2023

CAFRE, in partnership with Agrisearch and AFBI and supported by the Rising Cost Taskforce, are hosting two webinars dealing with optimising nutrient use efficiency on farms in Northern Ireland.  The webinars will take place over two nights, on Thursday 2 February and on Thursday 9 February and both events will commence at 8 pm.

During the first webinar, Aveen McMullan, Senior Technologist at CAFRE will explain the benefits of maximising nutrient use efficiency, highlight the importance of soil health and pH and outline how these influence nutrient use efficiency.  Aveen will also focus on maximising the use of manures and will review fertiliser options available to farmers.   Suzanne Higgins, AFBI, will provide an overview of recent research comparing the performance of various fertiliser products in grassland trials. Robert Patterson, Dairy Technologist at CAFRE will explain the merits of including clover within grassland swards and describe the experience on CAFRE farms of introducing clover to existing swards.

During the second webinar, Ronan Coll, Senior Technologist at CAFRE, will aim to raise awareness of how the appropriate use of innovative technology can aid efficient use of nutrients by assessing need, targeting application, and measuring results.  Technology Demonstration Farmer Richard Kane will share his experience of using these technologies on his farm.  To conclude, Ciaran Hamill, CAFRE Senior Beef & Sheep Advisor, will go through some of the steps farmers can take to improve nutrient use efficiency within their own businesses.

To attend these webinars, please pre-register by following this link.