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News > CAFRE Rush Control on-farm event planned for the Faughan catchment


CAFRE Rush Control on-farm event planned for the Faughan catchment

August 23, 2022

The College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) in conjunction with Northern Ireland Water (NI Water), are holding an on-farm rush control event on Thursday 8th September 2022 on Peter McSparron’s farm, 41 Straid Road, CLAUDY, Co Londonderry/Derry, BT47 4EY. There will be directional signs in place on the day. Farmers can choose to attend a 2:00pm afternoon session or a 6:30pm evening session.

CAFRE Biodiversity Technologist Terence Henry commented that, “whilst some rush in a field can provide shelter for young lambs and provide cover for ground nesting birds and hares, dense infestations reduce output and make the land ineligible for area-based schemes.”

Standard treatments for rush with MCPA can lead to drops in the water quality in the Faughan valley catchment from which the area’s drinking water is extracted at the Carmoney water treatment plant. CAFRE has been conducting rush control demonstrations based on methods to reduce the impact on water quality. The results of different rush control treatments carried out in July will be viewed in one field on the farm, with a particular emphasis on the benefits of weed wiping with glyphosate versus boom spraying with MCPA.

NI Water staff will discuss the water quality of the Faughan catchment, the treatment process at the drinking water extraction plant and the advantages and disadvantages that the different methods of rush control can have on the raw water quality and the costs of treatment to ensure good quality drinking water.

To attend, please pre-register by visiting here.