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News > Future proofing your dairy business webinar 1 – Carbon awareness


Future proofing your dairy business webinar 1 – Carbon awareness

October 26, 2021

The College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) together with industry partners, Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) and Dairy Council Northern Ireland (DCNI), bring a series of webinars throughout November addressing the theme of Future Proofing your Dairy Business. 

The webinar focuses on ‘Carbon Awareness – an introduction’ and will take place on Tuesday 2nd November, 8pm. It aims to explain the background and science behind carbon and carbon foot-printing the dairy business. Mike Johnson from the Dairy Council Northern Ireland will introduce the webinar.

The speakers on the evening will be as follows:

Aleathea Brown BSc, Pg Dip. is a Senior Technologist working in the Sustainable Land Management Branch of CAFRE. Aleathea’s work translates the latest research findings through a range of knowledge and technology transfer projects to make a positive impact on NI farm businesses. Recently her work has focussed on demonstrating the use of green-house gas (GHG) calculators to measure a farm carbon footprint along with identifying mitigation strategies each farm can take to reduce its total GHG emissions whilst maintaining production and profitability.

Michaela Tener BSc., MSc. is a technologist within the CAFRE Sustainable Land Management Branch. Michaela’s current role focusses on the coordination and calculation of the CAFRE farm carbon footprint and identifying opportunities for carbon reduction on the campus farms. She has also been involved in the set-up of carbon benchmarking program for the Environmental BDGs, demonstrating the use of carbon calculators as a tool to manage carbon within a farm business. As part of her current role, she also reviews research to identify the potential of technology adoption on farms to reduce carbon emissions and to support the delivery of knowledge transfer programs across CAFRE.

The series of webinars will take place online via Webex. Pre- registration for the event is essential. To attend, please register by visiting here.