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News > Building Soil Fertility on Farm webinar recording is now available


Building Soil Fertility on Farm webinar recording is now available

February 24, 2021

On Wednesday 10th February, CAFRE (College of Agriculture, Food & Rural Enterprise) hosted an online webinar on Building Soil Fertility on Farm webinar focusing on nutrient management and maximising grassland productivity.

The panel of speakers was made up of Aveen McMullan, senior technologist in Sustainable Land Management Branch, John Moore, Senior Beef & Sheep Adviser and Alan Agnew, Senior Dairying Adviser.

Aveen’s talk outlined the importance of regular soil testing and how to interpret your soil analysis report to make informed decisions. John focused on assessing pH status on farm and the use of lime to correct acidity in soil. Managing your phosphorus and potash levels was also discussed along with the routine spreading of sulphur for efficient grass production. The talks concluded with Alan outlining how on farm nutrients could be used to balance deficiencies in the soil and reduce the need for purchased chemical fertiliser. The new technologies of Low Emission Slurry Spreading which are increasing in uptake across the country were explained in terms of their role in economic and environmental sustainability.

A large attendance of 390 tuned into the webinar on the night, with great interaction and questions submitted to the panel following the presentations.

If you missed the webinar a recording is available here.