November 8, 2019

Launch of workshops on Responsible use of Antimicrobials on Beef and Sheep Farms

A series of workshops on “Responsible use of Antimicrobials on Beef & Sheep Farms”, has been launched for this winter under the Farm Family Key Skills (FFKS) programme.

Antimicrobials have been used across the red meat industry to combat disease and parasites for many decades. Antimicrobials, especially antibiotics are used widely in both human medicine and in animal health. However, increasingly the issue of antimicrobial resistance is spreading and it is now a major cause of concern worldwide. Recently the Chief Veterinary and Medical Officers for Northern Ireland launched the ‘One Health’ action plan. This new workshop is just one of the range measures in the action plan aimed at tackling antimicrobial resistance in Northern Ireland.

The workshops are delivered by veterinary practitioners and will focus on a number of areas including:

  • What antimicrobials are and how antimicrobial resistance develops.
  • Best practice in the use of antimicrobials and other medicines.
  • Practical steps to reduce the use of antimicrobials on the farm and     avoiding residues.

The training is FREE for farmers, farm family members and farm staff and will be held in local venues across Northern Ireland. The training offered also meets the requirements of various quality assurance schemes.

Workshops begin next week. For dates and locations of workshops please visit the CAFRE webpage at:

Anyone wishing to attend must register in advance.

To register for a workshop please contact AI Services 028 9083 3123 or e-mail

Farm Family Key Skills (FFKS) is part of the Farm Business Improvement Scheme, funded under the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020.

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