June 10, 2019

1978/79 Student Reunion

Student reunions are important events in the College Calendar. They provide an opportunity for former graduates to come back to College and meet up with friends, discuss their careers and see and hear about changes at the College since they were students.

The 40 year student reunion for the class of 1978/79 takes place at Greenmount Campus on Monday 17th June.

Philip Holdsworth and Alistair Boyle, Greenmount Association Secretary and Treasurer respectively discussing plans for the 1978/79 student reunion.

The reunion commences at 10.15am with a meet up of those attending in the Conference Hall, Greenmount Campus, followed by a group photo, tours of the Campus and lunch. The day ends at 4.15pm.

If you were a student at Greenmount College in 1978/79 and have not yet confirmed your attendance please contact Mary Wilson (mary.wilson@daera-ni.gov.uk) or by phone 028 9442 6624.


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