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Benchmarking can help

February 28, 2019

Kevin O’Donnell, CAFRE Business Technologist and Neil Badger discussing the new annual CAFRE Beef and Sheep Benchmarking Report. Just recently Neil hosted a Benchmarking meeting for his local Business Development Group (BDG).

“Margins are tight in cattle finishing”, Neil commented, “but after completing benchmarking, it brings it home to you the need to push for high output and at the same time it shows the importance of keeping on top of all costs”.

Having benchmarking data has proven useful recently for Neil as it was one of the requirements to get him access, along with 15 other farmers, to a CAFRE Farm Innovation Visit (FIV) on net feed efficiency in cattle and beef finishing systems in Yorkshire. Full CAFRE financial benchmarking is only available to Business Development Group (BDG) members. The BDG scheme is part funded under the EU 2014-2020 NI Rural Development Programme. If you would like to join the BDG scheme Tranche 4 is currently open for new applications and closes at 4pm on 5 March 2019.