Launch of the Colebrooke & Strule Soil Testing and Training Initiative workshops.

If you are one of the 600 farmers who received free soil sampling and analysis reports, as part of DAERA’s Colebrooke & Strule Soil Testing & Training Initiative, then these workshops are for you.

The soil analysis reports which were co-ordinated by AFBI provide valuable information on the nutrient content of your soils; vital when planning nutrient applications. Farmers who are participating in this initiative will be invited to attend two workshops:

Workshop 1 – Maximising crop growth and economic gain through efficient use of nutrients

Workshop 2 – Understanding and using a soil analysis report.

The workshops have been arranged jointly between CAFRE and AI Services under the Farm Family Key Skills (FFKS) initiative, which is partly funded by the EU under the NIRDP 2014-2020. They aim to help participants understand what their soil analysis report means so they can plan lime, manure and fertiliser applications to grow high yielding quality grass and forage crops, whilst improving and maintaining soil fertility; saving money on chemical fertilisers; reducing the risk of nutrient loss and thus improving water quality.  To get the most from their soil analysis reports it is important that participants attend both workshops.

All workshops will take place at local venues between mid-January and the end of March. Once you receive your invitation contact AI Services to confirm your attendance.  Alternative dates are available, details of which are included in your invitation letter, but must be pre-booked.  For further information contact AI Services on 028 9083 3123.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity of training and start using your soil analysis now!

CSSTTI launch photoDonal McAtamney, NIAPA, Eamonn Matthews, AI Services, Hannah McInteggart AFBI, James McCluggage, UFU, Gráinne McCarney and Hannah McNelis, CAFRE launched the workshops for the Colebrook & Strule Soil Testing and Training Initiative at Greenmount Campus.

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