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News > CAFRE Purchases a New Sprayer to Deliver Safe Use of Pesticides training


CAFRE Purchases a New Sprayer to Deliver Safe Use of Pesticides training

April 17, 2018

CAFRE continues to offer a range of spraying courses and is always committed to seeking new ways of improving the delivery of these courses. The industry training team at CAFRE were therefore delighted to recently take delivery of a new sprayer which will be used in the delivery of courses.

One of CAFRE’s spraying instructors Marty McAleer pictured during a spraying course demonstration at Greenmount Campus

Why do you need a spray licence?

By law all professional users of pesticides must have a sprayer licence. In the past farmers who were born before 31 December 1964 could spray their own land under an exemption called “Grandfather Rights”, however that is no longer the case. All professional users of pesticides must now have a licence, irrespective of age. So if you are spraying without a licence you are technically breaking the law.

What’s the benefit for you in getting the licence?

On the spraying course you will learn:

  • In detail how the sprayer works;
  • How to reduce drift and how to reduce your chemical bill through increased efficiency;
  • How to reduce wastage and run off by correct filling;
  • How to properly protect yourself from the dangers of working with chemicals;
  • What to do if something goes wrong and who to phone if it does;

It is also a requirement of some quality assurance schemes such as ‘Red Tractor’.

CAFRE’s new sprayer for the delivery of tractor mounted training

What types of licence do you need?

Every type of machine needs a different licence.

Firstly you need to take and pass a PA1 theory module before you can do the practical.

When you have your PA1, you can add the practical units you require:

  • PA2A – Tractor boom sprayer
  • PA2F – Weed-wiper
  • PA3A – Orchard sprayer
  • PA4S – Slug pellet applicator
  • PA6A – Knapsack sprayer
  • PA6AW – Knapsack sprayer in or near water
How can you get onto a course at CAFRE?

CAFRE offers the full range of pesticide courses throughout the year. On average the training will take you a full day and you will come back for an assessment a few days later which can take a few hours to complete.

If you have a query or want more information regarding pesticide training contact the industry training administration team on (028) 9442 6880.