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Family Morning at CAFRE Enniskillen Campus

March 20, 2018

Parents and guardians of the Level 3 Year 2 Extended Diploma in Horse Management students were recently invited to Enniskillen Campus for an update on the progression of individual students. Enniskillen Campus management and staff strongly believe that a partnership between staff, students, parents/guardians, family and friends is most likely to achieve the best performance from the student.

Pictured left to right are the Level 3 students who undertook an equitation demonstration at the recent Family Morning- Chloe Heaney on Maxwell, Lydia Bell on Whitethorn, Tegan McCormack on Maylin

The day commenced with a welcome from Head of Equine Branch, Seamus McAlinney and Programme Manager Sharon McLaren. Year manager Marita O’Loughlin complemented the students on their dedication to their studies and continued hard work within their modules. Jordan Kilgore (Derry) and Ruairi O’Hare (Newry) gave a presentation outlining the range of modules that they are covering in the second year of their course and discussed the level of work and responsibilities that are expected of them in second year.

Parents were then taken to the Campus’ Equine Breeding Unit where Emmee Matheson spoke of their involvement as part of their “Equine Stud” module with the management of the mares. The students were excited to show their parents the latest addition of the breeding yard. Chloe Russell (Enniskillen) and Katie Thompson (Coleraine) handled the week old filly foal ‘Ulanna’ who is out of one of the campus’ breeding unit’s Thoroughbred mare, Lady of Rohan, and by the stallion Dandy Man. Students discussed how they were looking forward to the rest of the foaling season and how some of the class were hoping to see a mare foal for the first time. Parents were introduced to the youngstock that students were currently breaking as part of their “Introduction to the Principles of Young Horse Handling, Training and Backing” module.

The grand finale was held in the outdoor arena where students Tegan McCormack (Dungannon), Lydia Bell (Lurgan) and Chloe Heaney (Newry) demonstrated their showjumping skills by jumping a course of fences under the expert tutorage of Gabriel Tunney (Instructor) demonstrating their commitment to the “Riding over Fences” module. The day finished up with a well needed cup of tea to warm everyone up and an opportunity for an update on each student on an individual basis with their Year Manager, Marita O’Loughlin and their Programme Manager, Sharon McLaren. The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all present.

If you would like to find out more about the Level 3 equine course or other equine courses available at Enniskillen Campus come along to our open day.