Guests at the recent Enniskillen Careers Day

CAFRE Enniskillen Campus hosts inspiring Careers Day

Equine students welcomed over seventy industry representatives from a wide range of equine businesses to their annual Careers and Bursary Presentations Event at Enniskillen Campus. Businesses included equine organisations, feed manufacturers, studs, racehorse trainers, equine media and physiotherapists. Final year students had the opportunity to partake in mock interviews with some of the top names in the industry and receive invaluable feedback which will surely benefit them in their future careers.

The CAFRE students were also delighted to welcome Councillor Mary Garrity, Chairperson of Fermanagh and Omagh District Council who welcomed the visitors to the area. During the business exhibition, students met industry representatives and were able to discuss their own career path and what the industry looks for in a good employee.

The careers exhibition was followed by a panel discussion which was opened by Martin McKendry, CAFRE Director and chaired by Leo Powell from The Irish Field. Panellists were Michael Halford (Racehorse Trainer), Susan Spratt (British Horse Society, National Manager), David Verdon (Enniskillen Graduate, Rangers Lodge), Tara Armstrong (Enniskillen Graduate, Leopardstown Racecourse) and Amy McGarvey (Enniskillen Graduate, Horse Sport Ireland Intern); all offering invaluable advice to the students who listened with great interest.

Twelve Student Bursaries

Twelve eagerly anticipated Bursary awards were then presented to students who had excelled in various areas including assignments, video production and producing business plans.

Enniskillen Campus places great importance on preparing equine students for their future career of choice. The equine industry is truly international with the student alumni working in a range of positions throughout the globe.

Joe Osborne, Managing Director of Godolphin Ireland highlighted the unique partnership CAFRE Enniskillen has with the equine industry both locally and internationally. The students valued their contact with each of the professionals that attended their seminar and concluded with a rousing vote of thanks from the students led by Rebecca McKee, Student President.

Guests at the recent Enniskillen Careers Day

Leo Powell, Managing Editor, The Irish Field, with the Careers Discussion Panel at CAFRE Enniskillen Campus. Left to Right, Michael Halford (Racehorse Trainer), Susan Spratt (British Horse Society National Manager), David Verdon (Enniskillen Graduate employed at Rangers Lodge), Tara Armstrong (Enniskillen Graduate employed at Leopardstown Racecourse) and Amy McGarvey (Enniskillen Graduate Intern employed at Horse Sport Ireland).

Guests who attended the recent Careers Day at CAFRE Enniskillen Campus

CAFRE Enniskillen Campus Bursary & Internship Providers. Left to Right. John Chambers, (Tyrone Farming Society), Geoff Cannon, (ITBA and Chairman of Equine Council for NI), Sam Kennedy, (CAFRE), Julie Lynch, (Fastnet Stud), Edwin Cartwright, (Tyrone Farming Society), Sophie Dalton, (Horse Sport Ireland), Harold Lusk, (who presented the Giltspur bursary), Anne McDermott, (Tyrone Farming Society), Mathew Johnston, (Danske Bank), Stacey Moss, (Boyd Bedding), Leo Powell, (The Irish Field), Sam Smyth, (NI Horse Board), Joe Osborne, (Godolphin) Patrick Ryan, (Horse Racing Ireland), Mary Garrity, (Fermanagh and Omagh District Council who presented the Jockey Hall bursary), Seamus McAlinney, (CAFRE) Martin McKendry, (CAFRE) Paraic Dolan, (Coolmore).


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