Loughry students manufacturing chocolate eggs

Easter Egg-stravaganza at Loughry Campus

The National Diploma food students at CAFRE’s Loughry Campus study the theory of food manufacture before using Loughry’s pilot scale manufacturing equipment to produce the products. Recently, the students have been learning about one of the most popular food products in the world and producing some tasty Easter favourites – Easter Eggs!

The tradition of giving eggs goes back thousands of years, when they were presents, given at the beginning of spring to mark the rebirth of growth and life after the winter.

The chocolate that we know and love today is not the same chocolate that the Mayan tribes from 3500 BC would recognise. They would have consumed chocolate as roasted and ground beans with added vanilla, chilli and spices such as star anise, cloves and chilli powder. This made a cold bitter drink with the consistency of gruel!

Only in the last 200 years has chocolate that we know and love been produced. It is estimated that in the UK, we now eat roughly 11kg of chocolate each per year!

As you can probably imagine Loughry students enjoy exploring chocolate and other foods. It is this “hands on” experience that helps Loughry students succeed in the food and drinks industry.

If you’re interested in starting your journey towards an interesting and well paid career come along to Loughry’s Open Evening on Tuesday 19th April 2016 or see www.cafre.ac.uk for details.

Loughry students manufacturing chocolate eggs


Students Ewan Blair, Matthew McIvor, Eireann McKee and Victoria Kerr admiring their chocolate creations!

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