September 3, 2014

MSc Communication gives part-time student the competitive edge

Moving into Autumn, many of us think about taking up the challenge of part-time study. CAFRE, in conjunction with Queen’s University Belfast, offers a unique suite of programmes in Communication at Loughry Campus, including the Certificate, PG Diploma and MSc in Communication. These can be completed part-time on a Thursday evening and have been proven to aid personal development, career progression and offer an opportunity to develop a range of skills essential for the workplace.

Roisin McAliskey, part-time MSc Communication student and Communications and Marketing Coordinator with STEP (South Tyrone Empowerment Programme), explains more; “STEP is a community development and training organisation working across the Mid-Ulster area and my role involves all internal and external communication activities for the organisation. This can include anything from writing press releases for the various community projects we deliver, to organising events and seminars, to managing the organisational recruitment process.



While it can be demanding juggling work and family commitments with the part-time MSc Communication programme at Loughry, I have found the experience to be highly rewarding so far. The elements of coursework that allow students to look at their own work practices benefit students in terms of self-awareness of the way in which they do things, which has been particularly useful for myself as I have worked in the same role for over ten years; so for me, methods and practices are challenged and improved.

For organisations and companies it is very worthwhile to encourage and assist their employees in making the decision to join the programme because the academic teaching is contemporary and looks at cutting edge communication theories in the workplace.  To equip individuals to bring this back to their companies can give them a competitive edge in organisational communication.

My next step is my thesis and I hope by the end of the academic year to have achieved an MSc in Communication. It seems like a big commitment to dedicate three years to return to study but for me it has been a valuable and fulfilling journey, and you are well supported by the staff on the programme. I would encourage anyone with an interest to make their first step and find out more about part-time Communication courses at Loughry.”

Applications for both full and part-time study on the MSc in Communication are closing soon. For more information visit, or freephone 0800 0284291.

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