September 22, 2014

Last Call for Facts Qualified Advisers

If you are a FACTS Qualified Adviser (FQA) trained in 2009 or before, you will lose your FQA status if you do not complete the new Nutrient Management Planning (NMP) training course before December 2014.

CAFRE are currently organising an NMP course for November 2014. The course will prepare FQAs to manage the challenges of the Water Framework Directive, greenhouse gas mitigation strategies, soil protection and improve farm profitability. The topics covered in the course are:

  • Utilisation of crop nitrogen
  • Managing farm phosphorus
  • Techniques for in-field nutrient management
  • Efficient use of organic materials
  • Integration of nutrient management decisions with environmental regulations and records
  • Farm security and Assurance Scheme

Thomas Scott of Scott Seed Merchants, Coagh completed the course in early 2014. “The NMP course covered elements of the FACTS course but in a more advanced way. We went into the details of the chemical make-up of nutrients and how they interact. It was also great for keeping me up to date on legislation relating to nutrient management planning. This is vital for us because we help farmers with soil testing, providing follow up advice on 600 tests every year. We’ve been in business for 25 years now but can’t rest on our laurels, we have to keep learning and keep up to date.”

If you are interested in attending the NMP course at CAFRE in November 2014 you can get an application form by contacting Industry Training Admin at 028 9442 6880 or by email


Thomas Scott who completed the Nutrient Management Planning course in early 2014

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